editing my essay about plotting my novel + cool novel meta for the last time, i’m being professional 97% of the time and the rest is stuff like this

Natürlich benötige ich keinen Grund, um eine Figur von der „Norm“ abweichen zu lassen, aber gerade, wenn die Anzahl der von der „Norm“ abweichenden Figuren sehr hoch ist – zwei zum Beispiel –, bedarf es rasch einer Rechtfertigung. 


"I always think you know when people talk about sexuality now it always baffles me when they say „you know it’s 2014, you gotta go with the program and be modern” and I think what? why does 2014 got anything to do with it? In 2050 they’re going to look at us as if we’re cavemen. You don’t… That’s not the way sexuality works. You don’t update, you don’t get sexuality 5S. I recognize the irony of that but you know like, the thing is, some men are attracted to women some men are attracted to men and some women are attracted to men and some women are attracted to women and some like a bit of both and it’s been going on since the dawn of humanity and it’s going to continue until the end of humanity and it’s as natural as the grass growing and agh, so I think for God’s sake let’s move on people, let’s move on. That’s what I think."
– Andrew Scott, Apple q&a

today at work the publisher who sold books next to me selling tickets and drinks would not fucking get the hint and kept trying to talk to me after i repeatedly ignored him or gave ‘yes/no’ only answers. he had already asked me ‘and what are we two doing tonight?’ (at this point all my politeness fades and is replaced by [INTERNAL SCREAMING IN DISBELIEF]) and tried to put his arm on my shoulder but quickly pulled back when i flinched away and kept trying to talk to me, sit close to me, brush against me (at one point he took people’s empty water/juice bottles they tried to return to me to have a reason to hand me something). he fucking poked me in the arm with a pencil in a *flirtatious* way. i texted my girlfriend and my best friend about it and sat as far away as possible. then i thought, i’m doing a 6 week internship and my boss is a feminist and likes me, so i can dare to complain. 2 hours of feeling bothered and unsafe, i’m telling.

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you go you’re gonna find that agent in no time and then you’re gonna publish lots of books and I can buy them and I can tell everyone how great they are and hhhhh!!!!

!!!!! no! *uses a .gif emoji to express happiness instead of ten dozen more exclamation marks!!!* i will def publish someday i just hope der sturm can be my debut someday soon