a support group for vampires who were turned as children or adolescents. a bunch of small, melancholy kid-shaped vampires sitting around in somebody’s living room talking very seriously in tiny voices about current events in the vampire world. a lot of them dress like grandmas because they are as old as a grandma, maybe even ten grandmas. they have a network system where they can call adult-looking vampires to help them get things, drive places, pretend to be parents so child-looking vampires can get into adult movies 

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tiny-steve asked:
i can't guess all ten i think buttttt: rust cohle, bucky barnes, brienne of tarth.... wait.... kronk? erm erm.... jesse pinkman? let me just throw staubfinger in there for good measure... wait, arya stark obviously? oh i'm gonna get ten at this rate. hermione granger probably, and sofia and one of your adams because lets be real you love your own characters the most DON'T YOU - how many hugs do i get???

[guess my 10 fav characters]

ok i should have excluded laura from this game this is outrageous. come visit me on sunday and fetch ur hugs

gosh golly gee YES i love my own characters a lot but i would never dare to count them!! also somehow i never count harry potter but overall you have a very unfair advantage by how often i whine about my favs…… also you put the most important ones first and you didn’t forget jesse pinkman……… 

myers-briggs personality types

↳ ISFP (The Composer)

ISFPs can be difficult to recognize because of their tendency to express themselves through action rather than words. They may initially appear distant or aloof, but if you watch closely, you can observe their caring in the thoughtful things they do for others. They are carefully observant of the practical needs of other people, and often step in with quiet, unassuming assistance at just the moment it is needed. ISFPs prefer to take a supportive role and are rarely assertive or demanding of attention. They are typically tolerant and accepting of others.

ISFPs typically have finely tuned artistic sensibilities. They are sensitive to color, texture, and tone, and often have an innate sense of what will be aesthetically pleasing. They are often naturals when it comes to arranging something artistically, and enjoy the process of taking in the sensations around them. ISFPs focus mostly on the experiences of the present moment, and are rarely ambitious, preferring instead to enjoy the simple pleasures of life: friends, family, and sensory delights such as food, music, and art.


  • among types most likely to report heart disease and hypertension
  • in college, likely to report low levels of assertiveness
  • in essays, projected themselves the fewest number of years into the future of all the types
  • among the types least likely to stay in college
  • most likely of all types to report stress related to finances and children
  • likely to value a work environment which provides security, clear and simple instructions, and no expectation of extra work hours
  • commonly found in occupations in healthcare, business, and law enforcement
  • famous isfps: jacqueline kennedy onassis, bob dylan, mozart, and jimi hendrix