i would walk 500 miles and i walk 500 more to fight the homophobic assholes from ff.de i’ll finally do it i’ll finally sacrifice 2 hours of my lifetime to explain to them why they are a) so so wrong b) so homophobic c) just general douches. im putting this on my to do list right now so i can finish it tomorrow and feel good about it

  #txt

awful fic tropes and phenomenas i need to blacklist

genderswap of only one character so its not homo au
no powers au
student teacher au
oh no i can tell from your tags that you can’t write sex
unnecessary het ship put in there to make it less queer
"this is a hooker au so i made one of them ten years younger"
*more than two rows of tags* *bullshit in tags*
"ooc!character" "bamf!character" tag saying "character x is a meanie"


whedon’s weird “mysterious waifish little girl who is mentally ill but in a way that makes her doll-like and sexy” fixation is a plague that must be purged from the very face of mass media with the flames of a thousand hells